The 30 Best Movie Posters of 2013

We don’t cover the movie poster beat too much around here, and for good reason: most movie posters are terrible. They seem to all traffic in the same clichés, unimaginatively slapping the biggest possible picture of their expensive stars’ heads above a title and a release date. But some films go the extra mile, taking imaginative leaps with their key art (or, often, with the alternate versions they release on the Internet for extra buzz). So let us take a moment to salute some of the more eye-catching, ingenious, and beautiful movie posters of 2013.


There’s certainly an argument to be made for just filling out this list with those hilarious/horrifying character posters from Lars von Trier’s upcoming sex epic, and calling it a day. But instead, we’ll go with the simple and (erm) elegant (?) imagery of the first teaser poster.