10 Musicians You Never Knew Had Their Own TV Shows

The folk at Dangerous Minds specialize in unearthing fascinating obscurities from the depths of the Internet, but they outdid themselves this week by finding a clip from a pilot for a sitcom Kraftwerk made in the early 1970s, circa The Man-Machine. (Yeah, you did read that right: a Kraftwerk sitcom.) The spectacle of what must surely be the strangest TV show you’ve seen in quite some time got us thinking about other musicians’ curious TV ventures — so here are ten of the most weird and wonderful, from Snoop’s sketch comedies to New Kids on the Block not playing themselves in their own show.


No, honestly, Kraftwerk really did make a pilot for a Ralf ‘n’ Florian sitcom in the 1970s. God bless Germany. (Also, fuck Daft Punk — Kraftwerk were doing this robot schtick 40 years ago.)