Emily Gould’s 5 Favorite Karaoke Songs to Perform With a Friend

In this month’s roundup of notable new books, we called Emily Gould’s Friendship “honest, moving, and important.” That’s certainly reason enough to pick up Gould’s debut novel, but her appreciation for the art of karaoke should also serve as a big selling point.

To celebrate the release of her book, as well as her love of singing songs other people wrote, guided by a beat and lyrics projected over a video that usually has nothing to do with the song itself, we asked Gould to put together a list of the best songs to perform at karaoke with a friend.

Emily Gould Friendship

Here’s what she told us:

Karaoke is either a great activity to do with your very closest friend, or a terrible one; it depends on a lot of variables. Is one of you a big attention-hog? No problem. Are both of you big attention-hogs? Hmm. It’s sort of like “living with each other” or “having sex” or “co-experiencing the death of another mutual close friend” in that it can either make or at least temporarily break a friendship. However, choosing the right songs to sing together will go a long way towards preserving your bond, and might even give you an opportunity to work out some issues in a safe, supportive environment where there are plenty of very inexpensive pitchers of Kirin Light available.