35 Incredible ‘Twin Peaks’ Tattoos

This week saw the release of the complete Twin Peaks series on Blu-ray (including over 90 minutes of deleted scenes) — just in time for the show’s 25th anniversary in April 2015. Lynch mania has been at an all-time high for the past several years. The director will celebrate his first major museum exhibition in the United States next month at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (his alma mater), and rumors continue to swirl about a new movie. There’s something incredibly dark and dreamy about Lynch’s 1991 television series that continues to draw people in — and ink themselves in the ultimate act of fandom. We searched high and low for some of the finest Twin Peaks-inspired tattoos. It’s impossible to think of another group of fans so devoted that they’d mark their bodies with the image of a middle-aged psychic who talks to a log and a portrait of David Duchovny in drag.