The Best Homemade Gifts by and for TV Superfans

Holiday gift shopping is simultaneously fun and frustrating. There’s the joy of finding the perfect gift for someone important in your life, but it’s first accompanied by the panic of searching for that perfect gift. Fortunately, if your recipient is a television fan — and who isn’t? — then there is no shortage of wonderful gifts to give them. Official TV merch is fun (and very, very weird), but if you want to get a little more personal, here are 15 unique, homemade gifts for the television obsessive in your life.

il_570xN.643965597_l7t330 Rock minimalist poster

This beautiful minimalist poster featuring one of Liz Lemon’s catchiest phrases makes a great gift for that sitcom lover in your life who is still not over the end of 30 Rock and continues to quote the show at least three times a day.