An IRL Tour Through PC Music With GFOTY, Danny L Harle and Spinee

To know PC Music is to have an opinion about PC Music. For the last couple of years, the London-based SoundCloud collective has slowly introduced the world to its warped view of electronic-based pop: it is here that Top 40’s fabricated quality shows its seams on purpose, at times unraveling into chintzy nonsense. Is it commentary, or is it no better than the inauthentic EDM it appears to mock? That’s for listeners to decide, seemingly with increasing frequency over the last six months as PC Music debuted live at SXSW and released their first comp outside of SoundCloud.

PC Music artists claim a narrative of pure pop fun as their own while acting in a way that suggests the intellectualizations surrounding their work are not the totally wrong, either. Mutually exclusive is not really an idea that translates for PC: one minute their leader, A.G. Cook, will be playing Christina Aguilera’s “Genie In a Bottle” while DJing, then next it’ll devolve into a chopped and screwed fun house set, before segueing into the sonic equivalent of bad clipart. Their sound is built on happy hardcore and Eurodance as much as it is a nostalgia for late ’90s pop, though the music varies from artist to artist (some DJ, some perform).

One afternoon back in May, when PC Music invaded New York for their Pop Cube extravaganza with label associate SOPHIE during Red Bull Music Academy Festival, we caught up with three PC Music artists of varying aesthetics during a makeshift press junket at a bar in Williamsburg: GFOTY (aka Polly), PC Music’s shameless and controversial answer to Charli XCX; Danny L Harle, the classical music type whose brings a harpsichord and 3D graphics to his show despite having just two singles out; and Spinee (aka Hana), the down-to-earth DJ still laughing along to her persona as a dog. What follows are condensed versions of our conversations.