12 Film and TV Birds Who Were Angry First

People who are baffled as to why they’ve made an Angry Birds movie — whose first trailer was released on Wednesday — have it all wrong. The claim of the movie’s detractors is that “perturbed poultry” is a thin premise for a feature film, but the truth is that numerous other films — and a couple of TV shows — have, in the past, already explored the vast emotional spectrum of Earth’s majestic chirpers, squawkers, coo-ers, quackers, and honkers. And yes, in these oeuvres, their anger is just as real, and just as crucial, as their majesty. The problem with Angry Birds is not that it’ll surely depict birds who are angry — this we need more of! It is rather that it posits itself, in its title alone, as the definitive, precedent-setting work depicting birds’ anger, when in the past, so many other birds have been angry! Some, you’ll note from the list below, were never visibly miffed, but their internalized anger is just as worthy of attention. You’ll also see that the list deliberately excludes The Birds, as their anger is merely a caricature of avian rage. Rather, we’ve chosen to focus on the lesser known, forgotten birds of film and TV history, and on those birds’ forgotten angries.