Beyoncé’s B’Day Blowup: Links You Need to See

What is Beyonce’s b’day? Officially, September 4th, 1981. Or was it 1979? In a recent radio interview with the Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 in New York, Matthew Knowles inadvertently reignited longstanding suspicions about his daughter’s real age when he (mistakenly) equated her as being the same age as singer Pink (born September 8th, 1979). Whether or not it was merely a Freudian slip (he does say later on that she’s 34), add this to the ever-growing list of conspiracies surrounding Beyonce.

* * *

Relax your tongue before attempting to say the following question out loud: What does Katy Perrys’s cat, “Kitty Purr-y,” care about? Katy Perry’s breakup with John Meyer? Wet Food? Smelling things that are nearby? Billy on the Street’s Billy Eichner gives Anna Kendrick sixty seconds to answer as many as she can, with the apostrophe in Lupita Nyong’o’s surname on the line as a prize. In the end, Kendrick wins by default with some subtle shade toward Anne Hathaway.

* * *


The new trailer for Star Wars, Episode VII: The Force Awakens premiered last night on ESPN during Monday Night Football. If you missed it, or if you still want to participate vicariously in the Internet’s collective nerding-out last night, Indiewire’s Zack Sharf has compiled the best reactions by various film directors—including an amusing faux-Twitter beef-thread between Duncan Jones (writer and director of 2009’s Moon starring Sam Rockwell) and Rian Johnson (director and confirmed screenwriter for the still untitled sequel, Star Wars, Episode VIII).

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Colin Jost appears to have stepped down from his role as head writer of Saturday Night Live. During the end credits of this past Saturday’s episode featuring the triumphant return of host Tracy Morgan, eagle-eyed viewers noticed Jost’s name had moved from under the co-head-writer heading to the list of “general” staff writers. According to Vanity Fair, Jost had been quietly distancing himself from said position since the beginning of the current season, and that his last official credit as head-writer was the season 40 finale hosted by Louis C.K.