‘Warhol by the Book’ Reveals the Icon’s Fascinating Career as a Book Artist

Andy Warhol is most famous for his Factory antics, Campbell’s Soup cans, Brillo boxes, and off-register prints of Marilyn Monroe and other celebrities. But the pop artist also had a lifelong fascination with publishing and the art of the book. The Morgan Library & Museum, in collaboration with the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, is hosting the first exhibition in New York City devoted solely to Warhol’s career as a book artist.

Through May 15, the retrospective Warhol by the Book will feature more than 130 objects from Warhol’s days as a student, his early years in NYC as a commercial artist and self-publisher, and more. Items of special interest include Warhol’s only surviving book project from the 1940s; drawings, screen prints, photographs, self-published books, children’s books, photography books, text-based books, unique books, archival material; and his much-sought-after dust jacket designs. The works span Warhol’s collaborations in advertising and fashion to commercial illustration.

“For close to forty years, books were a touchstone for Warhol — a medium to which he returned again and again as a platform for his unparalleled creativity. He contributed to more than eighty projects for books and left traces behind of dozens of others that were never realized,” writes the museum.

Preview Warhol by the Book in our gallery.