30 Photos of Famous Authors in Epic Hats

Because why not?

Recently, I saw this hilarious photo of author Bohumil Hrabal tweeted by New Directions. In it, the author sits outside at his typewriter with a gruff look on his face, wearing possibly one of the best hats to have ever graced the head of man or beast. So I got to thinking about hats. Hats on writers, to be exact. Because, as it turns out, writers tend to be fairly creative with their headgear as well as with their words. To prove it, here you shall find a collection of epic hats as worn by famous writers. “Epic” is, of course, subjective, but consider it here to mean crazy, extravagant, weird, funny, particularly large or particularly attractive. Enjoy.


Bohumil Hrabal, writing outside despite the weather. (via New Directions)