Twenty (Yes Twenty!) Books To Read This September

From tiny presses to the biggest, bougie-est release of the season (hi, Jonathan Safran Foer!), from funny essays about race and feminism to stern intellectual takes on late capitalist ennui, from debut thrillers to the hottest books in translation… we’ve got all kinds of books on our September reading list, and they’re all publishing in quick succession.

So as the first leaves turn brown around the edges, the kids head back to school, and the beaches and pools close, we hope you’ll curl up with one of these exciting and promising books.


The Jane Austen Writers Club, Rebecca Smith (September 8)

Yet another Jane Austen book, I know. But this one hinges on Austen as master of the craft of writing, and fountain of advice — written by her “five times great niece,” no less! I always feel that Austen’s subtle storytelling gifts are overlooked because of her memorable pop culture afterlife, so I’m excited to see a book that takes on this facet of her legacy.