10 Great Movies to Stream This Memorial Day Weekend

'Southside With You,' 'Hello, My Name Is Doris,' 'LoveTrue,' and more new (or new-ish) additions to Netflix, Prime, and FilmStruck.

Happy almost Memorial Day, everybody! Big plans? Hitting the road? Going to the lake? Spending time “outdoors”? Yeah, me neither. So, if I may be so bold, allow me to provide my fellow agoraphobes some weekend viewing suggestions – all titles new (or new-ish) to Netflix, Prime, and FilmStruck, to better while away the holiday weekend hours.

LoveTrue (Netflix)

The vibrant, inviting eye of Bombay Beach director Alma Har’el captures three non-fiction stories of love (but not romance), and augments that keenly observed footage with stylized visions, dramatizations, memories, and fantasies. Her dreamlike photography couples with the emotional candor of her subjects to create a genuinely unique film that slams against the wall separating narrative and documentary, and pushes it over. These stories of true love aren’t all roses and happy endings, but placed in dialogue with each other, they form a sui generis work that is warm, and fluid, and open.