‘Accidentally Wes Anderson’ Instagram Account Collects Photos of Stunning Anderson-esque Spaces Around the World

A lovely collection of real places that mirror the filmmaker's vintage-obsessed, candy-colored aesthetic.

There’s bound to be at least one or two sad girl/boy Margot Tenenbaums and possibly a Steve Zissou at every Halloween party tonight, and the films of Wes Anderson — or should we say his vintage-obsessed, candy-colored aesthetic — are an inspiration to artists, designers, and pop-culture elitists. Instagram account Accidentally Wes Anderson, curated by Wally Koval, invites audiences to submit photos of their own Anderson-esque locales around the world. (We first spotted the account on Honestly WTF.) Photos include Art Deco buildings in Los Angeles, an Indian royal palace, and more; find your own local Anderson-esque spot, submit a photo to the Instagram account, and gaze upon the beautiful works of architecture in our gallery in the meantime.

#AccidentalWesAnderson Little Chalet Motel | Manitoba, Canada | c. 1950s • • The Little Chalet Motel is made up of 18 individual bungalow style dwellings located along Highway # 1 in Manitoba, Canada • • As large highway systems began to be developed in the 1920s, long-distance road journeys became more common, and the need for inexpensive, easily accessible overnight accommodation sites close to the main routes led to the growth of the motel concept • • The Little Chalet was established just before the peak of the Motel boom in the 1950's supplying accommodation for the growing number of long distance travelers • • In 2014 the motel underwent a complete renovation and now under new management remains open for travelers along Highway # 1 • • 📸: @zachdriftwood • 💡: @strawberrymeatballs ❤️ • #AccidentallyWesAnderson #WesAnderson #VscoArchitecture #Vsco

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