A Photographer’s Touching, Funny Photos of His Three Daughters

Photographer Shin Noguchi's "One Two Three" is a combination of collaboration, valentine, and art.

We’ve pointed you towards the work of photographer Shin Noguchi before, but on this Father’s Day weekend, we wanted to spotlight another, holiday-appropriate collection of his warm, humanist work. “One Two Three” is an ongoing photo project in which Noguchi documents the lives of his three daughters, Yumeji, Kotoyo, and Hikono.

“I’m trying to increase the time of parent-child communication through these photographs with my three daughters, and to improve their self-esteem,” he writes on his website. “They show me such beautiful moments, I think it’s a gift, the gift of a beautiful moment they gave, these extreme gifts appear in front of me, I can’t help but catch them.”

We’ve selected a few of our favorites from the collection thus far; check out all of them on Noguchi’s site, or follow him on Instagram.

(Shin Noguchi Photography)