The Top 10 Big-Screen Gay Couples

We don’t mean to belabor our anger over Sex and the City 2, but there’s one more thing we just can’t shut up about: As any review will tell you, the movie begins with the wedding of Stanford Blatch and Anthony Marantino. We have nothing against Willie Garson or Mario Cantone, but come on: Carrie’s gay marries Charlotte’s? Really? As though there’s some kind of shortage of homosexual men in Manhattan? Plus, the ceremony itself (which features Liza Minnelli covering Beyoncé, for heavens sake!) comes straight out of Gay Stereotypes 101.

If one good thing came out of our annoyance at this offensively implausible plot twist, it’s that it got us thinking about all the great same-sex movie couples we have loved. Peruse our ten favorites after the jump and add yours in the comments.

Ewan McGregor and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Velvet Goldmine
This is a movie in which Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays a thinly veiled David Bowie, while Ewan McGregor is an unsettling but attractive mashup of Iggy Pop, Kurt Cobain, and Lou Reed. And you know what the means: We get to watch two of film’s sexiest men make out.