10 Things That We Love About Indie Music in 2011

When we published our article last week about 10 things that are killing indie music, we got a predictably broad spectrum of responses — some people loved it, some people hated it. So it goes. A couple of commenters, however, suggested that we follow up with a feature on things that we love about indie, which is a request we’re only too happy to oblige. We chose to highlight the things we feel are hurting indie for the simple reason that we care deeply about it — and for all that there are things we wish could be different, there are also many reasons that we reckon things are better in 2011 than they’ve ever been before. Here’s a selection of them.

Genre agnosticism

If we had to nominate the single best thing about the world of indie music today, it’s the fact that genre partisanship is largely a thing of the past — not entirely, mind you, but mostly. It’s easy to forget how territorial people used to be about their tastes — mods and rockers used to fight over them, after all, and even when we were growing up, there was a veritable chasm dividing people who liked guitar music and people who liked electronic music. These days, people are far more inclined to listen to anything and everything, and we’re all for it — the more open-mindedness in music and popular culture, the better.