25 Must-Have Gifts for the Movie Geek In Your Life

Awesome holiday gifts for the film fan on your list.

Call it what you will — Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, and whatever today is (I dunno, Wallet’s-Empty Wednesday?) — the holiday shopping season is well underway. And if you’ve got a movie lover on your list, I’ve got good news for you: we are not an underserved demographic. Every fall and early winter, there’s flurry of fan-friendly books, Blu-ray and DVD sets, and other miscellanea, so like we always do around this time, here are Flavorwire’s recommendations for this year’s movie nerd gifts of note.


The Godfather Notebook

When Francis Ford Coppola went about adapting Mario Puzo’s The Godfather, he sat down and made something akin to a stage manager’s “prompt book”: a scene by scene breakdown of his film, with synopses; detailed notes on tone, core, texture, and time; and the related passages in Puzo’s novel. He then filled that notebook with notes and thoughts, scrawled in the margin like a hyper-thoughtful grad student. That book was his Bible on the set of the film. Now those type- and hand-written pages have been painstakingly reproduced, complemented with set photos and stills from the film, and the result is the must-have film book of the fall: nothing less than the working blueprint for what many (including this writer) consider the finest film ever made.