’90s TGIF Stars: Where Are They Now?

Last week, we indulged our curiosity by checking in with some of our favorite ’90s Nickelodeon stars. Turns out we weren’t the only ones who were wondering what happened to Sam from Clarissa. The response was huge. So we’ve decided to another round. You see, if SNICK was our Saturday night standby as kids, it was ABC’s TGIF lineup that we looked forward to on Fridays. Obviously, you know where the Full House gang is now: Stephanie’s an ex-meth addict, Joey is an Alanis Morissette song, Michelle is a pair of alien mini-moguls, Danny has a dirty mouth, and The Gibbler is married with two kids. But if you’re wondering what happened to Family Matters‘ Waldo Geraldo Faldo, Rider Strong from Boy Meets World, and the entire cast of Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, we’ve got the answers.

Family Matters, 1989-1997

No series is synonymous with TGIF like this long-running ’90s staple that was itself a Perfect Strangers spinoff. When we were kids, most people simply called it “the Urkel show.” So, of course, we’re going to have to start by checking in with Steve Urkel himself. Since hanging up his glasses, Jaleel White has been more Stefan Urquelle, if you know what we mean. In 1999, he starred in the short-lived UPN sitcom Grown Ups. Since then, he’s mostly been taking roles in smallish films and guesting on TV shows. But you may remember him from a small part in 2006’s Dreamgirls. Off the screen, White earned a BA from UCLA Film School in 2001. You can follow him on Twitter and watch his most recent project, 2009’s Road to the Altar, a web series about a black man marrying a younger Jewish woman, here.

So, what about Urkel’s lady love, Laura Winslow? Kellie Shanygne Williams has been on and off TV since the series wrapped, popping up as a recurring character on Eve, The Parkers, and Moesha. Like White, who was a close friend of Williams’ on set, she attended UCLA, where she studied psychology. Since then, she’s done a great deal of charity work and gotten married to a lucky man named Hannibal Jackson. Last year, she appeared in Steppin’: The Movie alongside her former TV dad, Reginald VelJohnson. Carl Winslow is still a fixture, if not quite a star, on the big and small screen, where he has basically made a career out of playing a cop. But it seems his true love is the theater, where he’s done most of his post-Family Matters work. VelJohnson’s on-screen wife, JoMarie Payton, spent the first half of the ’00s as the voice of Suga Mama on The Proud Family. She’s also played recurring characters on Moesha and Will & Grace. And did you know that in 1999, she release the jazz album Southern Shadows?

The Winslows’ other notable offspring (let’s be honest, no one cares about the youngest two), Darius McCrary, has had a busy and diverse career. These days, you can watch him as Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless. If, however, you’re more of a torture porn fan, you may have spotted McCrary in last year’s Saw VI. Like his TV mama, the erstwhile Eddie Winslow is a musician, and he’s currently readying an album for an August 3rd release. Listen to his music here. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter. Of course, any update on the Family Matters crew would be remiss to exclude Eddie’s daft buddy, Waldo Geraldo Faldo. Shawn Harrison spent 2002-2007 playing the flamboyant, gay Peaches on the series Girlfriends. And a few years ago, he voiced Timber Wolf on the Kids’ WB show Legion of Superheroes. The last we heard from Harrison, he was sitting down for an interview this April with his friend Judith, a proud 37-year-old virgin. It seems he’s single and not ready to marry and was also a psychology major at UCLA.