The Apartment Atop the Eiffel Tower: Links You Need to See

Did you know that The Eiffel Tower was also an apartment building? At least, it was home to one small apartment, which designer Gustave Eiffel used to get away from — or at least above — it all. If you’re getting jealous, as the Parisian elite did at the time, and pining after a secret place of your own, you could always go on a scavenger hunt for secret bars hidden across Britain.  … Read More

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How ‘Unfriended’ Makes Common Internet Images Terrifying: A Guide

Despite its place at the forefront of adolescent fears, thoughtful explorations of cyberbullying (which is to say, more ambitious examinations than the 2011 TV movie Cyberbully) have been stunningly rare. This is an indication of a clear cultural lack, a failure to consider this ugly yet common manifestation of adolescent feelings of powerlessness coupled with the Internet’s chaotic systems of control. But last week, the multiplex welcomed Levan Gabriadze’s Unfriended, the “cyberbullying horror film” to top all cyberbullying horror films — of which, before its release, there were none. … Read More

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Lily Tomlin Shines in the Feisty, Charming ‘Grandma’

“I told her, ‘I wrote something for you,’ and she lost her appetite immediately.” And that, according to writer/director Paul Weitz, is how he introduced Lily Tomlin to Grandma, which made its New York premiere last night in the Spotlight section of the Tribeca Film Festival. The film, which co-stars Julia Gardner, Marcia Gay Harden, Laverne Cox, Sam Elliot, and Judy Greer, was one of the biggest crowd-pleasers of this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Sony Pictures Classics picked it up for release later this year, with talk of an Oscar campaign for Tomlin — and for good reason. She’s dynamite in it. … Read More

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Imagining a World Without Work

At the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, someone asked American suffragette and political activist Mary Elizabeth Lease what she thought the world would be like in 100 years’ time. Lease had a bold answer: “By the end of the next century,” she predicted, “three hours will constitute a long day’s work. And this work will liberally furnish infinitely more of the benefits of civilization and the comforts of life than 16 hours’ slavish toil will today.” As we say here in the 21st century: LOL. Sadly, Lease’s prediction hasn’t exactly come true. But you can see why she made it: she imagined that in the 21st century, we’d have all these wonderful machines that make our lives easier! Instead, it’s one of the paradoxes of capitalism that while the amount of labor dedicated to keeping us alive is growing ever smaller, the amount of work we’re actually doing is growing ever larger. … Read More

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“There’s No Prescription”: Christopher Nolan and Bennett Miller on Influences, Fatherhood, and the Ending of ‘Inception’

The question was bound to come up; what’s surprising, really, is that a half-dozen other questions were asked before it did. But the Q&A portion — and the hour itself — was nearly over for Monday’s Tribeca Film Festival “Tribeca Talk” between filmmakers Chris Nolan and Bennett Miller when a fan raised his hand, bounded to his feet, and said, “So at the end of Inception…” The audience roared in recognition and cheered; they were Nolan-ites, and here was one who was speaking the language. … Read More

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Menswear Dog Models the Best Looks for Spring

Here’s one way to reinvigorate the menswear trend: Insert a devastatingly adorable Shiba Inu. Bodhi, better known as Menswear Dog, got his start on — where else? — a Tumblr blog. David Fung and Yena Kim began to snap photos of their dressed-up Shiba to parody menswear, but the idea soon became something real, resulting in an actually helpful (and very, very cute) fashion guide: Menswear Dog Presents: The New Classics. Out today, The New Classics, Bodhi models looks for all seasons and situations from black-tie weddings to a day at the gym. In this gallery excerpt, Bodhi models a few spring looks to celebrate winter finally loosening its grip. … Read More

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The 5 Best Movies to Buy or Stream This Week: ‘A Girl Walks Home,’ ‘Everly’

For the second week in a row, one of last year’s terrific indie genre movies is hitting Blu-ray (for us physical media diehards; never give up!) and Netflix (for you streamers; I do not understand you but I embrace you) on the very same day. This week, the gem in question is A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, and it’s joined on the new release shelf this week by an entertaining, blood-soaked shoot-‘em-up and re-releases of a Renoir classic, a ‘70s coming-of-age fave, and one of the most iconic action movies of the 1980s. … Read More

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The Internet Gets Baked and Fries Oreos in Bacon: Links You Need to See

It’s the other most wonderful time of the year, so if you’re not celebrating the… certain holiday that today happens to be for reasons of disapproval, feel free to skip to the next paragraph. To get the full range of the holiday experience, start off with a compilation of Abbi and Ilana’s “weed genius” moments from Broad City, and follow it with some nightmarish moments people have had under the influence. Relive your first experiment with these tales about some “first times” that may have been a little too intense. Pair all of this with bacon-fried Oreos. … Read More

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The Intake Form: Hear the Existential Grooves of Sam Cohen

The Intake Form is Flavorwire’s questionnaire feature spotlighting emerging musicians worth your time, paired with a premiere. Here, we debut Sam Cohen’s song “Last Dream,” off the Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist’s gorgeous new album Cool It, out April 28 on Easy Sound Recording Co.

Sam Cohen has done a lot in his short life: he got started with soft stars Apollo Sunshine, made several albums with psych dudes Yellowbirds, played guitar for The Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir, and — as we learn here — played the streets while manning a whole band’s worth of instruments on his own. This variety and ceaseless work ethic pays off, as Cohen reaches new heights on Cool It, his first proper solo album. … Read More

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Gore Vidal’s Insane, Rejected Cairo Pulp Novel Resurfaces

The little man shook his great head. “I have been to many countries. I’ve done many things. Now I play piano at Le Couteau Rouge.”

“What do you know about a woman named Hélène de Rastignac, a French countess?”

Le Mouche sighed. “Many things. I know, for instance, that she is not French, but Alexandrian, and I know that she is not a countess.”

“But is she rich?”

“I shouldn’t be surprised.”

“Was she a spy in the war?”

“Everyone in Cairo was a spy. It was the thing to be.” … Read More

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